2 Jan

Wow. A Blog. Who would have thought? Not I. In elementary school, I loved to write. I even went to writing camp one summer, where we practiced writing stories, poems, and articles of all kinds. Sadly, that was pretty much the end of my writing for public consumption. I soon got sucked into science, then chemistry, then organic chemistry, then proteins, then the x-ray crystallography of those proteins, then the specific structure of the N-terminus…

I never thought I would have the time, ability, or interest in picking up writing again, in any form really, but I guess I’ve changed. With a new job I’m now at home more often, and with that comes the time to actually use my kitchen. I’ve rediscovered how much I enjoy cooking, and now it’s one of my favorite activities. I go out of my way to find occasions to cook recipes time-tested and brand new, and, when all else fails, the trio of shopping-cooking-eating is an excellent tool for procrastination. It’s also become something that Palate Guy and I love to do together. We squish into our tiny galley kitchen, trip over each other while fighting for counter space, and come out on the other side with (mostly) delicious meals to enjoy with friends, family, or alone.

We’re always snapping pictures of our creations, and I find myself swapping recipes, photos, descriptions, and tips with my friends and family after every meal. It’s about time I centralize all of that sharing, and ringing in the new year brought the kick I needed. So here we go.

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