Philadelphian at heart. Global travelling addict. Recent Brooklyn convert. Curious, joyful, resilient. Injecting top talent into the world’s toughest bureaucracies by day. Ad hoc food buying, cooking, and eating amateur always.


Palate Gal is an informal effort to share my culinary experiments with friends and family. Though my focus is on cooking delicious meals, I am not in the business of perfecting a recipe many times over before posting. I will be sure to let you know how the final product came out (Amazing? You’ll know it. Disgusting? It probably won’t even make it up here. Unless it is belly laugh funny. Like the time I had to repaint my ceiling after hot Curried Apple Butternut Squash soup exploded out of my poor blender.)

Photography is strictly iPhone-based, with photos lightly edited and grouped in PowerPoint (thanks to my management consultant genes). Nothing fancy here.


Recipes described as “adapted” from a particular source are those in which at least one ingredient has been added, removed, significantly altered in quantity, or for which the cooking instructions have been changed. Recipes without a source are either those that I have dreamed up or those that friends or family have passed down and have long lost their original recipe inspiration.

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